Being mindful of the daily deterioration of the environment, Hotel Annapurna has carried out numerous eco-friendly schemes, under the slogan: Be Green! Go Green! Do Green! The conventional electricity based lights, in public areas, have been replaced with solar and LED lights. The use of e-mails, over writing notes and memos has been implemented. Cleaner diesel oil is used in our boilers, replacing furnaces. The use of plastic bags is discouraged. The process of ‘rainwater harvesting’ is being explored actively. The guest has the option of choosing not to have their bed linen/towels, laundered every day. And also our Sales team use electric cars, for their daily sales rounds. Wet Garbage Wet Garbage produced from the Hotel are been utilized to produce fertilizers. Plastic bottles that are been produced by the Hotel are been sent for recycle.

The Hotel even plans to incorporate extensive eco-friendly infrastructure and practices, to our future expansion procedures. The hotel sincerely hopes to indemnify this practice and be credited the pioneers in initiating benchmark, in the country.